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With the various IPv64 blocklists, your applications are basically protected at the first level. The v64 blocklist dynamically builds on the reporting from individual nodes in the community. These Blocklists can be used as First Blocking Rule in the firewall. Best suited for pfSense, OPNsense, Mikrotik and Linux based systems.

v64 Blocklist - Dynamic 1. Level Blocklist
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The v64 Blocklist is a summarized list of messages from various blocking nodes in the community. The various systems independently register attacks, illegal access, access patterns and spammers on the Internet.
This decentralization makes it more difficult for attackers to remain undetected. At the same time, the v64 blocklist offers space not only for IPs that make login attempts or similar, but also for IPs/systems that cause abnormal traffic.
The v64 blocklist is therefore a highly flexible blocklist which is updated every 15 minutes. Anomalies are also added to this list very quickly, but can also be removed from this list again quickly.

Individual block lists can be created by user later.

Combined blocklists from IPv64.net
More technical details and information
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The most important thing about the v64 blocklist are the Blocker-Nodes. Blocker nodes are nothing more than systems on the Internet that share their experiences and incidents with the IPv64 blocklist database. IPv64 then intelligently manages the communicated IP addresses.
Systems that have already activated software for defense (e.g. Fail2Ban or Crowdsec) can also contribute to the v64 blocklist. You can contribute to the v64 blocklist with your system located on the Internet. Find everything else in the v64 Blocklist help.

Use of v64 Blocklist v64 Logo

Since the v64 blocklist contains a wide range of IP addresses that cause trouble on the Internet, it makes sense to enter this blocklist at the top of your Services. At best at the first firewall in your infrastructure. This will immediately deny countless accesses and prevent them from landing on your important applications. This minimizes unwanted traffic/unwanted visitors and protects your system landscape as the first line of defense.

Integration examples

  • pfSense integration
  • OPNsense integration
  • Debian/Ubuntu with IPTables or NFTables
  • Mikrotik / RouterOS integration

Whitelist IP from v64 Blocklist

You accidentally got on the v64 blocklist and want to whitelist your IP address?
Write us a short message why your IP address should be removed from this list. If necessary, you can even explain why your address ended up on the list.

Via E-Mail to   info@prox-it.de
Topic: v64 Blocklist Whitelist - <IP-Address>

Donation for the project

This project and the service can only be financed by your donations. So I would be very grateful for a small voluntary donation in the context of the project.

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