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IPv64.net offers various possibilities to protect your services in the first line of defense. Integrate the blocklists, firewall rules and special options provided by IPv64.net to protect your applications and services. Our instructions are suitable for pfSense, OPNsense, Mikrotik, Linux systems and many other firewall solutions.

General information about IPv64 Secure
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IPv64 Secure aims to protect your system(s) as well as possible from the first line of defense. This means wherever you have the possibility to inspect the data packets entering your infrastructure. This can be a firewall operated by yourself or even a small vServer in the cloud or hoster.

The most important thing is that the dirt of the Internet is kept away from the services you offer. We primarily take the help of already known and maintained blocklists and prepare them for you. In addition, we offer you to use ready-made scripts which are focused on more specific blocking.

Benefits of v64 Secure v64 Logo

Your forwarded data traffic will be significantly reduced, so you will save traffic on your connection. The applications no longer have to respond to unwanted requests and write countless log files. Spam, malware and brute force attacks are significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

Important: Always remember that this is only the "First line of defense" and does not protect you 100% from attackers or other dangerous attacks.

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IPv64 Blocklists
IPs on IPv64 Blocklists

16.34 M

Number of Blocklists




The first thing you should do is to add effective blocklists to your system, infrastructure or firewall. This will immediately block the majority of unwanted requests in the first instance and protect your system from major problems. The integration of the v64 blocklists is differently simple in the various systems.

Select an appropriate block list and choose the system for which you need it. IPv64.net offers you this list immediately in the required format. You don't have to change anything or use complicated regex patterns, just integrate them.

Just take a look around the v64 Blocklist:

v64 Blocker Nodes Comming soon

In the future, it will be possible to report malicious IP addresses to the central IPv64.net system using a "v64 Blocker Node". The system analyzes the many reported IP addresses and draws conclusions as to whether the IP address should be listed on a separate block list.

The "v64 Blocker Node" system is already in operation, but is still subject to the status "still under development". We will inform our customers when this system enters the beta phase.

Project Status: still under development

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First Level Protection with IPv64.net

With IPv64.net you can effectively protect your systems and infrastructures against various attacks from the Internet.