Overview of various Homelabs

The Homelab is one of the most important IT infrastructures for home users and entrepreneurs. Here are the Homelabs of different users of IPv64.net.

Sorted by price
NameComponents Price
Addicted to Unifi ;) 31 9,484.54 €
Unifi-Keller 16 6,863.05 €
ToXicPaIN's IKEA Lack Rack Homelab 29 5,073.16 €
Ubiquiti Homelab - Timo 24 4,887.04 €
torak323`s Homelab 18 4,029.48 €
LamboNet Datacenter 12 3,463.75 €
Die Heizung im Keller 7 3,254.00 €
Smoke Homelab 19 3,130.59 €
My little ponyhof 18 2,575.11 €
My Homelab 13 2,443.34 €
Random Homelabs of IPv64 users
IPv64 Validated Homelabs
Name Items Com Views
Ubiquiti UniFi Homelab 2022 6 0 2015
TP-Link Omada SDN Homelab 2023 14 0 2377

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IPv64.net - Homelabs

Homelab is one of the most important IT-Infrastructures on the Internet. It should connect you securely to the Internet and at the same time provide you with fast and reliable services. Every user has different requirements for his homelab and therefore there are various solutions.

In this Homelab library you can see how other users run their Homelab. The individual components have different tasks and are used in different ways. Learn from the experiences of others and share your opinion in the comments.

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