Checking SMTP Service with Telnet on console

Learn how to use Telnet to check SMTP service connectivity. Troubleshoot email issues by manually testing SMTP servers. Optimize email delivery.

This step-by-step guide explains how to verify an SMTP service using Telnet. Learn how to manually test SMTP connectivity to troubleshoot email delivery issues. Optimize search engine visibility with this SEO-optimized tutorial.

1. Open Command Prompt or Terminal:

Launch the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac/Linux) application on your computer.

2. Connect to SMTP Server:

Enter the following command to initiate a Telnet session with the SMTP server:

telnet 25

3. Identify SMTP Banner:

Upon successful connection, the SMTP server will send a banner message. Read the message to confirm the server's identity.

4. Send a Test Email:

To simulate an email sending process, enter the following commands:

Subject: Test Email
This is a test email.

5. Review Responses:

After each command, the SMTP server will respond with codes indicating the success or failure of the operation. Look for a "250" response code, indicating successful delivery.

6. Disconnect from SMTP Server:

To end the Telnet session, enter the command: