Set up fingerprint login for Linux Desktop Mate, KDE, GNOME

A simple tutorial on how to set up the fingerprint sensor on Linux systems with desktop. Password entries were yesterday.

The fingerprint can be very useful on a notebook if you often need to authenticate yourself to the system.

Basically, this tutorial works not only with Mate, but KDE, XFCE and Gnome are also able to do this. So don't be shy, Ubuntu with Gnome or KDE, all that also works with this tutorial.

Fingerprint setup

1. Check if your Fingerprint Sensor is there


2. Install dependencies

sudo apt install fprintd libpam-fprintd -y

3. Register fingers for your users

fprintd-enroll <USERNAME>

## Left Index Finger
fprintd-enroll -f left-index-finger <USERNAME>

## Right Thumb
fprintd-enroll -f right-thumb <USERNAME>

## left-thumb, left-index-finger, left-middle-finger, left-ring-finger, left-little-finger, right-thumb, right-index-finger, right-middle-finger, right-ring-finger, right-little-finger.

4. Enable fingerprint in Auth system

In order for the fingers stored in the system to be queried at all, the system must be activated in the central Auth system.

sudo pam-auth-update