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The IPv64 Tech Wiki contains countless commandos, tips and facilities for many diverse systems and applications.

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Demystifying VLAN Tagged Ports and Untagged Ports: Simplifying Network Segmentation

Learn how to configure VLANs in Linux using both the command line and the /etc/network/interfaces file for flexibility and convenience.

VLANs enable network segmentation and traffic isolation by logically dividing a network. They improve performance, security, and scalability in modern networks.

Discover the dissimilarities between netstat and ss, two Linux network tools, and learn which one is best suited for your network analysis needs.

Here we show how to add an IPv6 network route under Linux. An example explains all the required inputs.

Quite often one or more explicit routes are needed on a network interface. Here are the quick instructions to put this in the /etc/network/interfaces file.

Here we explain how to create a static network configuration in Linux. This is then immediately fixed again after a reboot.

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The IPv64.net Tech Wiki is intended to be a kind of documentation for various requirements in IT. The focus is on the solution approach and what the customer is looking for.